Catholic Schools Week 2021

TEXT: Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

Resurrection College Prep High School celebrates Catholic Schools Week 2021We are so grateful to all of our students, parents, alumnae, staff, friends and community members! 
Thank you for all you do to support Resurrection.

Celebrating Our Community - Monday, February 1, 2021Prayer for Community 
God our Maker, 
We praise you for the gift of community. Thank you for the communities in which we work and live. Thank you for the community which is your body, the Church. Fill us with your Spirit today so that, as one we reflect your light and love to each other and to the world. In Christ we pray, Amen. 

Suggested Activities
In thanksgiving to all our essential workers that have helped our community, especially in this last year, create a thank you! 

  • Write cards to nurses and healthcare workers at local hospitals and nursing homes.

  • Create posters for your window to thank delivery men and women.

  • Write cards for first responders thanking them for all they do to keep us safe.

Celebrating Our Students - Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Prayer For Knowledge 
Creator God, 
There is so much to learn about the wonders of your world. Inspire me to seek out new avenues of knowledge by remaining attentive and alert. Open my mind to new ideas, information, and insights. Pique my curiosity so that each day becomes a fresh opportunity for discovery. Deliver me from fear of the unknown because ignorance only leads me further from your truth. Remind me to share the best of my knowledge with others, especially those things that will lead them to you. In your wondrous name, I pray. Amen

Suggested Activities
Give thanks to your classmates and students.

  • Create a playlist to share with your friends or students to listen to while studying or doing homework.

  • Have a virtual study party! Get together or zoom or facetime and study together.

  • Tell one of your classmates you don’t talk to often, one great thing you noticed about them.

Celebrating Our Nation - Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Prayer For Our Nation
God of Justice and Truth, 
We ask your blessing on our nation. Thank you for the freedoms we enjoy, especially those we take for granted. Thank you for the diversity of our people and enlarge our capacity for tolerance and mutual respect. As we celebrate our independence as a sovereign nation, may we also celebrate our interdependence. Make us mindful of the blessings of our rich and abundant land. May your gracious Spirit inspire us to work together to meet the challenges of our times. With all hope, faith, and trust in you, we pray. Amen.

Suggested Activities
Give thanks for our nation.

  • Say the pledge in the morning after watching the morning prayer

  • Create a prayer chain using red, white, and blue strips. Write an intention on a piece of paper to make a chain.

Celebrating Vocations - Thursday, February 4, 2021

Prayer for Vocation 
Holy Spirit of Wisdom, 
You have graced your people with many different gifts. Bless those discerning a vocation in their lives. Open their minds and hearts so that they can listen attentively to your voice. Help them to embrace the gifts they have to share with others. Give them courage to face the challenges inherent in answering a call from you. Guide them towards lives of holiness and love. Let your light shine upon them and draw them ever closer to you. Amen.

Suggested Activities
Give thanks for where you are now! Our first vocation is the call to life and love. 

  • Share pictures and stories. Give thanks for being a son or daughter, student, parent/guardian, employee, etc. Connect your family to the family of God. 

  • Plant something and nourish the new life, or go for a walk and enjoy creation

  • Bake treats & talk about what you enjoy in life or what gives life and what takes it away- at home and around the world.

Celebrating Faculty, Staff & Volunteers - Friday, February 5, 2021

Prayer For Faculty, Staff & Volunteers
Today we thank you for the care and dedication of the faculty, staff, and volunteer workers of Resurrection. We thank you for the teachers. For their hard work in lesson planning, teaching, grading, and all else that they do to benefit our education. We thank you for the staff. For their hard work planning retreats, liturgies,, open houses, shadow days, fundraisers,special events, and more. We thank you for the administration. For their hard work in supporting the faculty, staff, volunteers, students, and families of Resurrection. For all that they do in order to continually better our school.  We thank you for our volunteers. Who work alongside our teachers, campus ministry, recruiters, development office, administrators, and students. 

Lord, we thank you for all those who make our education, and our school community possible. Amen

Suggested Activities
Thank our teachers, coaches, administrators & volunteers. 

  • Create thank you messages.

  • Write thank you letters, or handouts - view here.

  • Thank your teachers at the end of each class period.

Out of Uniform DaysFor a $2 donation each day students will fundraise in an organization that supports education locally & globally! 

Celebrating Our Community
We will be supporting our LaSallian community through donations to LaSallian Women of Hope.

Celebrating Our Students
We will be supporting fellow students through donations to the school, founded by the Sisters of the Resurrection, at the Chief Wanzagi Secondary School in Tanzania.

Celebrating Vocations
We will supporting those called to fight for equal female education through donations to the Malala Fund.

Celebrating Our Faculty, Staff, and Volunteers
We will be supporting all those who work in the schools of Chicago through donations to the Chicago organization Working in the Schools.

Pep Club ActivitiesTikTok Competion
Students are encouraged to submit a TikTok, created with their P-Block, to Pep Club. Two winning videos will be selected! 

Digital Notes of Gratitude
Express your thanks! Send digital notes of gratitude to teachers, coaches or Res staff. 

Class Feud: Res Girl Edition
Play Class Feud (like Family Feud!) on Tuesday or Thursday during Catholic Schools Week!  See complete details about the game HERE

LaSallian Youth Trivia ContestResurrection students are invited to participate in the LaSallian Youth Catholic Schools Week Trivia Night on Thursday, February 4, 2021, at 7 pm via Zoom. Register with a partner and take a chance to win a gift card of your choice! 1st Place - $50 gift card; 2nd Place - $30 gift card; 3rd Place - $20 gift card.

Details and registration are available HERE (note, both partners need to register!)

TEXT: Many Gifts, One Nation

Every donor and every dollar play a vital role in ensuring that Resurrection continues to offer an exceptional Catholic Christian education to all current and future Resurrection students. Your gift will pay dividends for years to come. Please join fellow alumnae, parents, grandparents, and friends who are making a difference.

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